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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things

October 27th, 2008

True Confessions @ 09:55 pm


I am here to admit to my pop-culture lameness. To whit, I will explain.

I cannot handle most shows on teevee. I say this from a perspective of not having cable, only an antennae on the roof of our house, so forget the fancy stuff.

I can't handle the NCISes, the murders-being-solved shows. (Why are they nearly always about killing women or kids?) I can't take Heros. Gah, the villains and the badness of them! Lost was impossible for me to watch. Pretty much anything with violence, killing, ginormous suspense, or durm & strang ends up being too much for me. Intellectually, I realize these are pretty much the "good" shows -- more intelligent, well-written, thoughtfully produced. I get that. But...

I end up with nightmares. Or overly active daytime fears, if I've had too little sleep. I have a very thin wall in my sensibilities on what is real and what is not...and the scary, violent stuff seeps into the walking around the world sensing. It's not fun.

So then you come to the reality shows -- or perhaps we should not? The "let's help this family who's been devastated by disease, death, weather or weirdness" makes me cry every damn time I've seen it...I mean, "move that bus!" and the people freak out, right? Has me every time. The nanny shows? Full-body cringe just from the commercials.

And commercials. Um. Fucking stupid. And loud. Screaming, yelling, making no sense half the time. (I know, Tivo folks don't have to deal with this. But, yannow, for us? Tivo sort of silly, considering the, uh, antennae.)

Perhaps I am overly sensitive.

Perhaps others are just inured to it, because they see it all the time, and they have developed a better sense of non-reality.


I dunno. I think it comes from years and years of not watching teevee, then seeing it in dribs and drabs. I think it comes from not being able to parse out multiple input sources very well -- whether it is multiple conversations going on in a party, or a tv in a bar, or several people talking to me at once. I sometimes wonder if my brain is wired differently...because I seriously *cannot deal*.

The silly stuff I can handle on teevee -- sitcom stuff, and medical shows (oh, how i love) are generally not that compelling for me to pursue. (Grey's got too silly and disappointing, House...well, I love House, dunno if ER is on anymore. I know there are some entertaining sitcoms out there, I just haen't tracked them, frankly.)

Funny, how the computer is so much more of a draw for me; being able to just focus in, power down and surf and surf and surf. And the ability to find exactly what I want to read, not just be fed stuff.

Just been thinking of this lately because N's been watching more teevee of late (winter's coming) and he loves all the shows that freak me out. Makes for a bit of a sad evening, I guess, me on the computer or in the other room, him on the couch. I'd like to be able to share the evening doing stuff together, or enjoying viewing something together.

I guess we need to get a new DVD player (our recently tanked) and get Netflix going again.

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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things