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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things

November 24th, 2008

Laundry list of Maeve milestones @ 10:15 pm

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It's been awhile, and for the last couple weeks I have just been jotting down stuff here and saving it, but not posting. I have been really, really exhausted and have made a doctor's appt for next week to look into the possibility of anemia. Definitely something more than just sleep deprivation going on, though that has been pretty severe of late.

So, for now, this is a basic list of Maeve changes that I want to remember -- it's really amazing how much faster it all comes on as she ages. I am promising myself that I'll do some writing this week for me, about what's going on for me.

!. Maeve asked to come up into my arms, and asked me if I had just eaten apple -- apparently smelled it on my breath. Now my secret chocolate snacks are not safe!

2. We got in the car, and I turned up my CD and she says, "Jazz, Mama?" Um, yeaaah, this *is* jazz. Wow. Discerning.

3. She received a keyboard from the little boy across the street for her bday and all she wants to do is dance, dance. (grin) She loves to turn it on, and find the autobeat (lots of buttons for making things like "tango" or "salsa" or "country" back beat to play to...and she love loves the techno. Because it will kill me one day.

3. We had a girls' lunch and she was just so mannered and good while out. I was really enjoying her company, and suggested, "that bread is good, you should try it," and she DID, declaring it "mmm." Like a grown-up.

5. Emily shows up and follows us to M's room while I changed the baby's diaper before they went off to play. Maeve starts chatting with her, then really looks at her says, "cute shirt." "Blue shirt, like me." Ha!

6. She was "reading" me her book, and wanted to share the picture, so she turned book around so I could see, the right way, like a storytime person would. Her spacial awareness, and her ability to finagle objects the correct way trips me out.

7. Began singing the entire alphabet about a week ago (the 12th). Correctly, for the most part, with a couple drop-outs. Also, can now count to 12, only skipping #6 at times. :)

8. Maeve and Em headed to the park last week and had nearly arrived when Maeve and says to her, "Where'd my shoes go?" Ha! Em had never put them on.

9. Potty training going swimmingly, really understanding the concept and feelings that precede going. First two days, no accidents! Plus, suddenly dry at night and during naps while using pull-ups or nekkie. Just like a light switch, really. Is interesting. Now that she's had quite a bit of experience, she asks for her softie diapers (we use cloth), and doesn't always want to use the potty. We're just rolling with what she's comfortable with.

10. She learned to button on the big buttons on her dress-me doll a couple days ago

11. She's just so TWO: "Look at me, Daddy!" "Look what MY did" and, "Me do it myself!"

12. She had a pee-pee dipe and when I changed her, she declared, "nothing to look!"

13. Today, learned to ride a tricycle, just had a hard time getting it going, but once going, had the mechanics of pedaling down.

14. We watched a snippet of "Wizard of Oz" today to show her what a "good witch" looked like. When Glinda the witch of the North floated in in the bubble, she pointed to it and said, "It's a PINBALL!" Then she proceeded to ask me where the pinball went once the bubble went away. :)

15. I'm still struggling with her penchant for pushing over kids or pulling them (if they are doing something that displeases her) when she is tired before naptime or in the late afternoon. I know some of the reasons why she does it, but I cannot always have her at home when she is tired. Need to find more resources on how to redirect this, how to work with it, and how I should better handle it. Overall, it just is frustrating and it makes me sad.

16. Teething...again. Seriously sucky as these are the molars, and she's got to be gnawing like a wee one for hours every day. She shoves her whole hand in her mouth sometimes. Ibu and homeopathic schtuff is what's helping as much as possible. Well, that and chewing on things like her metal shovel.

I'm sure there's more, but that will do for now, won't it?
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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things