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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things

i'm a dork, but... @ 07:18 pm

Emotions: content content

There's something about getting a good haircut that just blows away the in-the-funk cobwebs for me. Perks me up, emotionally. So, that happened today, and yay, me.

Also, had a lovely hour-long meandering convo with my dear pal, Jer, whilst making dinner and washing dishes (feeding soul, and body, and *cleaning*, I mean, really, how is there no good in *that*?). I miss Jer so much, as he travels the world and builds his career, I have been rather lame (ok, exceedingly so) in keeping up...but there is no bridge to cross when starting a convo. Some people are made up of the same fabric as you, and though may be different in many ways, have that soul-mate quality that makes everything so easy.

Not to get *too* sappy onya, but I feel really blessed to have a fair share of these amazing soulmates in my life, and I appreciate them each for their perfectness.

So, yeah, a couple glasses of wine tonight, a really good roasted chicken & vege dinner, rain outside (along with my child and my husband on a walk), and I'm counting my lucky stars that my life is what it is.

Go, life!

BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things