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BErKaNa: Growth. Rebirth. Birch Tree.

small, beautiful things

girly ink slinger
17 September 1966
Intermittently inspired woman of many interests. Sometimes they decide to visit all at once, overwhelm me and the only cure is good friends, tea and chocolate. Lover of small, beautiful things; Gaia and her entails; Cleo the cat, Zulu the dog, T.C., Tilly and Twyla the chickens, my partner Nathan, my baby Maeve and the simple life. Haphazard philosopher and dabbler in the divine. Lucky in more ways than I probably know. Writer, artist, gardener, doula, tutor, teacher, crocheting fool, sometime seamstress, goofball.
amigurumi, biking, california oak trees, camping, cooking for loved ones, craggy cliffs with ocean, crochet, edward gorey, forests primeval, fresh eggs, fruit and cheese pastries, gardening, good smelling essential oils, good strong tea, grapefruit scent, growing beautiful flowers, hot baths, jizo, mochas, music music music, my baby, my partner, naps, organic fruits and veggies, reading, reducing our footprint, rolling golden hills, swimming, tiny silver trailers, walking meditation, yoga